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Young Adults & Church

About the Movie

A 15-minute film portraying views of today’s church from a young adult perspective. Produced for the EFC in 2007 by Shauna Jenkins.

“I was asked to produce a film portraying the voices of Canadian young adults and their views on the Church. This film was shown to a group of leaders from different church denominations and organizations affiliated with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada in 2008. My findings revealed that many young adults who grew up in the church, are no longer relating with it. Where has the church gone wrong? When I read Acts chapter 2, I read about a group of people who saw Jesus face to face, and then waited on His Spirit to come so that they would be empowered. They were the first church. The churches that grew from there, the ones which Paul mentored, were not without their problems. Most young adults don’t think that church won’t have problems. But what they are looking for, is place where people are REAL and actually living out a REAL faith – one that works. They are looking for the power that the bible talks about and are longing to see that power demonstrated on the earth. If God’s Kingdom is really all this stuff that the bible talks about, then why aren’t we living it? I am reminded of Revelation 2:4 – ‘you have lost your first love.’ When you are in love – SOOOO in love, you don’t want to do anything but talk to that person, be around that person and do anything with them! If that’s what believers had today in our relationship with God – where we couldn’t do anything without Him, how would our churches look different?

If God’s word and what we believe as Christians is that faith is for anyone at anytime in their life, could it be that we have taught a lot ABOUT God to our students, but we have failed to introduce them TO God so that when they leave for college or university, they KNOW WHO THEY ARE in Christ, and they know WHO THEIR GOD IS; they KNOW the power that is available to them and they have a passion to walk out their calling and purpose according to the DNA God has designed them with? If so, this is a sad reality that us as ‘THE CHURCH’ need to step up and KNOW WHO WE ARE and ‘train up a child in the way he/she should go.’ (Prov. 22:6)” ~ Shauna Jenkins (Simmonds)

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