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Campaigns & Causes


As the founder of MakeYouThink®, Shauna conceptualized, wrote, hosted & produced 12 value-based films for young people. Today the films are sold worldwide to teachers, youth leaders and organizations who work with young people.

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Everyday Heroes®

From the writing process, to film production, all the way to branding & design, these 10 inspirational films for teachers & leaders are designed to accompany the 12-14 session HEROES® curriculum for youth.

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A film made by young adults in Canada discussing why they don’t like the “institutional” church.


The Journey of Freedom

Many of Canada’s First Nations, Métis and Inuit children were sent by the Government to Indian Residential Schools as a way to integrate children into ‘the new culture’ that was being formed. During their time at the schools, many, many brutal atrocities took place including all types of abuse, mostly by clergy men and women, malnutrition and unjust treatment, all because of ethnicity.

As part of a cross-Canada journey, called the ‘Journey of Freedom’, Shauna has begun to document on film, the stories of those who experienced these atrocities and have found freedom through forgiveness.

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